Call girl Ashley Dupre gets a legit offer from The Donald

Rob Loud/Getty ImagesRob Loud/Getty ImagesWho knew that ruining a governor's career would only be the jumping off point for Ashley Alexandra Dupre? Forget client number nine, she's received big offers from Hustler, 30 Rock and most recently from Donald Trump, who has Dupre in mind for a starring role his new reality TV series.

This modern adaptation of My Fair Lady will send "unpolished" women to charm school for a thorough schooling on proper etiquette. (We'd suggest the working title, You, Me, and Dupre, but darn -- it's already been taken.) Apparently the offer was extended to Dupre on Thursday and production is awaiting her response. "She is an interesting candidate, very interesting," said The Donald.

If there's one thing the Apprentice creator can do, it's making a buck or two -something $4000/night Ashley also seems to know a thing or two about. Teaming up was merely the next logical step. [NY Daily]