Can Your TiVo Actually Improve Your Sex Life?

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Well, according to a recent survey on TV watching, the answer is yes. I always thought that having television in the bedroom was supposed to be bad for relationships, but apparently I was wrong. TiVo's Turn on the Love Survey asked TiVo, cable DVR and non-TiVo and non-DVR user about the quantity and quality of their relationships. It turns out that for 72% of respondents, the device has improved the romance in their relationships. It's nice to know I don't have to choose between a boyfriend and my DVR - because to be perfectly honest, my DVR would probably give most guys in my life a serious run for their money.

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TiVo Users:

  • 86% spend at least an hour a night with their significant others vs. 75% of non-TiVo users
  • 72% claimed that bringing home the device has improved the romance in their homes.
  • 5% said that it's improved their sex life.
  • 71% classify a night in as romantic quality time, ranking on second to dining out.
While technology may not necesarily be as bad for relationships as previously thought, there are still some guideline to follow when it comes to using technology to help your relationship. Here are some tips from co-author of He's Just Not that into You, Greg Behrendt:
  • Disconnect to reconnect with your partner. There is nothing wrong with checking your smart phone in your spare time, but when it butts into your dinner date or intimate moments it's becoming a problem. Discuss your relationship phone policy so there are no miscommunications half way through the night.
  • Timing is everything. In a good relationship, you know your partner is always thinking about ways to be considerate and score points in your relationship. If your honey is bummed because they will be missing their favorite show, have their program recorded and ready to watch when they get home. Just add popcorn, and you've changed their day from bad to good without paying a cent.
  • Old can be as good (or even better!) than new. When planning a date night in, don't just search the new releases for movies that your partner might like. Think about their favorite classic movie actor or even better, turn them on to something that had a big effect on you.
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