You Cannot Download Skill


You know that scene in The Matrix (If you've lived long enough) where Keannu Reeve's character Neo (di nya tunay na pangalan) had to learn how to fight in his training to become "The One"? Well what happened was he had to sit uncomfortably in that "electric chair", some kind of probe would be stuck on the back of his head, a disc would be propped and ZOOOM! A pirated copy of Ninjutsu would automatically be uploaded to his fried brain and he'd wake muttering "I know Ninjutsu!"

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Being a car owner like most of us would have wished we could easily download a whole course on mechanical engineering. Having an older model, moody and ragged vehicle I couldn't help but feel helpless when I have to leave the expertise of touching my antique in the hands of someone else.

How convenient would it be I mumble to myself if I could do it on my lonesome? Imagine the labor cost savings, untended cracks and breaks plus the time it would salvage me! If I could just pop up a cd a bought from Greenhills or St. Francis, plug it in my dilapidated brain then suddenly I'm a mechanic extraordinaire! But alas, no señor.

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Thing is, that's what it is. We can't just simply pick up a skill not to mention being an expert at it by just reading about it or lifting it up from Google. That is why people pay big bucks for the real thing. Skill is not enough. The one thing that makes somebody an expert is years of failures and successes. That's also the reason why all of us must be very weary of self proclaimed "experts" without the benefit of any corporate or personal experience.

Former British PM Margie Thatcher said it well "Being an expert is like being a lady, if you say you are then you probably aren't"

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Other than reading it, do it, practice it and live it. I once said in public speaking you can't just "wing it" that's reserved for Jackie Chan in a western movie, and we all know how that went right?

I guess that means I can't self medicate. Bummer.