Casting for Extreme Makeover Weight Loss Edition's Fourth Season Starts This Saturday

By Brandi Koskie for

Looking to lose weight under the watchful eye of a reality TV camera? Then heed the call - the casting call that is! ABC's Extreme Makeover: Weight Loss Edition begins casting its fourth season this weekend. The four-date, 13-city casting tour will make it possible for men and women across the nation to get in front of casting directors and vie for one of a few spots on the popular show.Jacqui McCoy lost more than 200 pounds on Extreme Makeover.

Kicking off Saturday, April 6 in Salt Lake City, Austin, Atlanta, and Milwaukee, the tour will go through the last Saturday in April ending in the show's hometown of Los Angeles. (Find a full casting tour schedule here.) Potential cast members may wait in line for hours to score two minutes of face time with the casting team. It's advisable that they make the most of those 120 seconds.

"This is your one big shot," said Jacqui McCoy, who lost 207 pounds during season two. "Know why you want to lose weight and how the weight has held you back. This is not the time to be shy, but be bold." Her other guidance for those ready to put it all out there is to be honest and open, and to discuss things that show who you are.

Jacqui definitely fit the bill for what the casting team was looking for - an outgoing personality with at least 50% of her body weight to lose. Other qualifying factors include being an 18-year-old adult and a legal citizen of the United States.

Of her own casting experience, Jacqui says she was nervous. Friendly casting directors were easy to talk two and she was able to confidently answer the one or two questions they threw her way. She'd also made up her mind ahead of time that if she made it to the show, she would do "whatever Chris asked," speaking of the show's trainer Chris Powell.

She was impressed by him when they started working together, calling him compassionate. That would have to be a necessary trait, as these individuals on Extreme Makeover: Weight Loss Edition have their weight loss journey monitored for one year. It's done in your own home, away from a ranch or constant access to your trainer (like on Biggest Loser). Jacqui called Powell better than she imagined, and appreciated his first bit of advice.

He told her, "Don't call yourself fat, you have an excess layer of energy that we're going to burn off."

And burn she did.

If you're ready to join alumni of Extreme Makeover: Weight Loss Edition like Jacqui, and could part with half of your body's weight, then consider one of these casting call events during April. has more information about video auditions, applications, requirements, and more.


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