Category Posting 101

Hey everybody,

It's great to see so much user content, but we're getting the feeling that you think you have to submit to a category in order to get your post visible.

That's not so: If you submit your post to "Only My Blog" you can write about anything you want, your post will still be visible to the Shine community, and it will still show up in "Chatter on Shine".

You should only select a category when your post is a great match for one of the Shine channels and you want the channel editor to consider it for featured placement.

You've seen their faces, so now let's meet the editors!

Brandon Holley - Shine Editor-in-Chief

Annette Cardwell - Shine Managing Editor

Jennifer Romolini - Shine Editor, Fashion + Beauty

Jessica Ashley - Shine Editor, Healthy Living

Anne Ichikawa - Shine Editor, Entertainment

Charlene Prince Birkeland - Shine Editor, Parenting

Erin Flaherty - Shine Editor, Love + Sex

Dory Devlin - Shine Editor, Work + Money

Maggie Nemser - Shine Editor, Food

Valerie Rains - Shine Editor, At Home