Cesar Millan's Behavior Advice

Bridget recently sat down with Cesar Millan and got his take on some common dog behavior issues.

How important is the right type of exercise? Cesar says walks really are the best exercise: all that chasing a ball may get your dog some physical exercise, but it creates an anxious mind. Get your dog out on a walk and tire his brain out so he's ready to come home and relax.

Is it OK to let your dog climb up on your lap? Cesar says it depends on how you do it. If your dog climbs all over you and tries to dominate, you're setting up a situation where your dog is in control. Get your dog in a calm state and then invite him or her to climb on your lap.

And how can you be the best pack leader to your dog? Lead....literally! You should walk in the door before your dog, and be the leader your dog wants. Your dog doesn't want to be in charge, but if no one's taking the lead, he'll do it. Be the leader and take that burden off your dog so he can relax and just be a dog.