Cheap Thrills: The Best Buys for Work (All Under $50!)

Photo by: H&M
H&M Handbag, $49.95, available at H&M.... more 
Photo by: H&M
H&M Handbag, $49.95, available at H&M. less 
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Mon, Nov 18, 2013 12:57 PM EST
By Ellen Hoffman, Refinery29

Come Sunday, we leave all notions of work behind for our lazy-girl lineup of Scandal catch-up, boozy brunch, and maybe an emergency load of laundry. Hey, we've got a hectic schedule to stay on top of, and tomorrow's meetings are far from our minds. That's save for one exception: shopping for work.

We typically let our eyes wander through Barneys' and Bergdorf's exorbitantly priced inventories, and eventually we return to reality. When it comes to our actual closets, they're definitely more Zara and Ann Taylor. So, we've sourced more than 20 under-$50 buys that'll integrate seamlessly into your existing 9-to-5 wear. Your coworkers will just think you splurged. (But, don't worry - your secret is safe with us.) Shop to it!

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