Chris Brown: Greatest Michael Jackson Tribute there ever was

Chris Brown, although shunned by many for the beating of his ex girlfriend Rihanna, definitely made a breakthrough comeback in a wonderful Michael Jackson tribute tonight on the BET Awards. The performance was heartfelt and full of emotion, as Chris Brown many of Michael Jackson's well known ensembles to perform some of his greatest hits, including "The Way you make me Feel", "Billy Jean", and a heartfelt "Man in the Mirror". Chris Brown, so overcome with emotion, cried throughout the ending song, symbolizing not just emotions in regards to his greatest inspiration Michael, but also symbolizing making a change in his own life.

Chris Brown donned a blue button down shirt over a white tee, with the trademark slacks and dress shoes that Michael Jackson wore in "The Way you make me feel", and for "Billy Jean" changed into the signature black sequin jacket. This performance will definitely go down in history as the best Michael Jackson tribute there ever will be.

The video of this heartfelt performance can be viewed here: