Coming Attractions: This weekend’s top movie releases

Shine Pick: "Smart People"
Dennis Quaid plays a glum, egoistic, widowed English professor with two kids who gets in an accident and has his irresponsible adopted brother (Thomas Haden Church) move in to help out. Sarah Jessica Parker plays the hot doctor that helps shake Quaid out of his slump while Ellen Page of Juno plays his straight-A daughter, delivering the majority of the film's zingy one liners.

"Street Kings"
Keanu Reeves also plays a struggling widow (what's up with the theme?), only he's an old-time LAPD officer who plays by his own rules. When an old partner is murdered, fingers are pointed in his direction and he's forced to question his surroundings. With this stereotypical cop movie you're getting exactly what you think.

"Prom Night"
Oh, the prom. That special night in every teenage girl's life she has looked forward to since childhood… with one exception. Most evenings end with a party or hooking up with your date-this one involves a murderer on a killing spree. The kids may not survive, but you'll make it through this entertaining 80s remake.