Cookie Monster, Watch Out! Rapper Chip Chocolate is About to Beat You at Your Own Game

chip 1

Chip Chocolate raps about chocolate chip cookies. Actually, he raps about chocolate chip cookies and milk, while he bathes in a tub of 2 percent, then he dances on a lawn with a bunch of kids doing the "Cookie Dance."

For real though.

The music video for Mr. Chocolate's debut single "Cookie Dance" was posted on YouTube a few days ago, and has already garnered over 1.7 million hits. Created as a way to involve children and their parents in hip-hop, the song serves as an anthem for everyone to "get down together."

You really have to see it to believe it.

First off, there are people suffering from cookies and milk hangovers:

chip 2

Then, a mysterious caddy pulls up with a trunk full of flour:

chip 3

There's a shout out to Mrs. Fields in the kitchen:

chip 4

A dance party on the lawn:

chip 5

A hype-man:

chip 6

Of course, the cow makes it rain:

chip 2

And then…this:

chip 3

If you don't believe Mr. Chocolate is serious, listen to him address this whole spitting rhymes about dessert thing with Entertainment Weekly (*Note: the rapper's real name is Jesse Wellens and when he talks about Chip Chocolate, he sometimes refers to him in third person, but only when their opinions may differ):

First Mr. Chocolate says:

"The cookie dance was originally created from Chip Chocolate, since he was a kid he was doing the cookie dance. He always loved cookies… "

He goes on, "The idea originated because I love cookies so much, and I just feel like, cookies are so delicious. When I eat a cookie, it makes me want to dance, cause I'm so happy that I'm enjoying a cookie."

Then he talks about preferences: "I'm just feeling like a traditional chocolate chip cookie right now, with real big chunks of chocolate chips."

And commitment to the cause: "I think I'm going to be in the cookie game for a little while now."

See, the guy really loves cookies!

Ultimately, Mr. Chocolate aims to surpass the Cookie Monster in terms of iconic people who devour cookies. He's even challenged the Sesame Street star to a rap battle.

He'd also like to bring back good spirits to hip-hop, commenting that the genre needs a "Cookie Dance" right now.

Clearly, Mr. Chocolate must be onto something, as the video keeps getting traction and the song ranked in the Top 20 hip-hop tracks on iTunes.

"It's awesome that I can share the cookie love with everybody in the world," he says.

Hopefully, his next track will incorporate macaroons, peanut butter blossoms and shortbread as well, so that all cookies are equally represented.

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