Cool Summer Treats: Ice Cream Fish

Ice cream fishies are a cute, cool treat for summer.

Summer is here! For our family, that means a lot of time spent outdoors in the sun. Since the kids are out of school, they have plenty of free time for pool days, playing in the park, easy day trips, and having friends over for crafts and games.

We have a craft table set up in the playroom and my kids love to build forts almost daily in our living room. They also love helping me in the kitchen. I like to prepare things that are simple enough for them to make with a little assistance. Once or twice a week, I like giving the kiddos and their friends a fun summer refreshment. One cool treat my kids love to help me make are ice cream fish. I do the prep work, and then let the kids help me decorate them. These treats are are playful and will feed plenty of playmates.

How to Make Ice Cream Fish with Your Kids:

1. Scoop out two-inch portions of Breyers Natural Vanilla ice cream, and place them onto a tray. These will act as the fish's bodies. You'll have to work quickly so the ice cream doesn't melt. Once you've scooped 10-12 portions, place the tray back into the freezer so they can set.

2. Pre-cut decorations for the kids to use. I use jelly candies, mini chocolate chips, and other fish-shaped candy to decorate the ice cream. Cut out mini fins, mouths and gills for the fish bodies and use the mini chocolate chips for the fish eyes.

3. Have the kids decorate the fish and then place them back into the freezer for 10-15 minutes to re-set.

Enjoy these cute ice cream treats to cool off all summer long. Plus, you'll have plenty of ice cream leftover; what fun summer treats do you and your kids like to make?