A Country with Its Population More Than 70% Poor Farmers,labourers and Illiterates How it Can Get Representatives for Makinjg an Effective Democratic Governance

Now the experiment of 65 years in getting a government that has not been able to remove the poverty. illiteracy and making it self supportinmg as well free from scams and corruption, specially black market and collection of Black money dipposited in foreign countries as has been discussed in the parliament or by the leaders of opposiion is a serious matter of think tank for the nation.
Look apart the representatives of participation of about 70 %people the rest constitute of middle class, busiunes man and technocrats and old so self called Politicians with their sons grand sons and wives etc are there to send their representatives to the Parliament.
Thus out if them a working group as The Cabinet of the governrnent if formed.
Now it is to experience whether it is the ministers are in command of the show or their secreteries and downwards are the rulers of the country.
Therefore till ouer civil Servants Like that of ICS of the British time and not like IAS of the presents who failed to control all that ills now being forced ion the nation. Thus prima face the procedure to select he officers of the machinaries be up to the mark of Big countries.