Create an At-home Yoga Space

Create a yoga space in your own home.

A yoga membership is not in my budget. Likewise, traveling to a yoga class can be time consuming. However, for me, doing yoga in a cluttered room with children passing through isn't calming. In fact, it's almost counterproductive. A quiet, tranquil space is an ideal place for me to stretch and exercise. Here are a few tips for creating an at-home yoga space.


Recently, we put wood floors into our spare bedrooms. With all the furniture removed, it's the perfect home for my yoga mat. An at-home yoga space should be free of clutter. Earthy elements such as live plants, muted wall colors and soft pillows will keep a home yoga area tranquil. Bamboo, orchids and river rocks are other nice ways to decorate this space. I know that I may not always be able to devote an entire room to my yoga mat. However, it's best for me to keep my yoga mat in a room with the least amount of distractions as possible.

Calming Scents

I have a hard time relaxing if a room smells stale or like the eggs I made for breakfast. Calming scents such as lavender, sandalwood or even sweet orange put my mind at ease. Using Glade PlugIns Scented Oil Warmer Customizables helps me keep my home smelling clean and tranquil. Depending on my mood, I choose various fragrances to fit my emotions. Different aromas inspire me to feel strong, invigorated or relaxed.

Natural Light

I'm not a fan of bright lights. Creating a yoga space in an area with natural light is ideal. Putting my yoga mat near a big window with a roman shade is an easy way to impart plenty of soft light into my yoga space. I can also open the window for a gentle breeze. If there isn't enough natural light, a soft light under an organic cotton shade will brighten things up. Putting a yoga space in a patio room is another way to get more light.

Peaceful Sounds

I'm lucky to live in a quiet area. However, I feel a yoga space should be free of sudden or loud sounds. Thus, a small fountain and soothing music can help drown out distractions. It's easy to find a yoga playlist to whisk me away to a peaceful place in my mind.

With inspiring scents, decor and sounds, a Zen yoga space can easily be created.

Content by Melissa Matters.