The Cure for This Dog's Medical Woes is Nothing Short of Adorable

This clever contraption helps KC the dog eat on her own again.This clever contraption helps KC the dog eat on her own again.You'll want to hold your pets a little closer when you hear this awesome story of what a dog owner did to help his sick dog.

Andrew's dog, KC, was diagnosed with megaesophagus, which means her esophagus was so enlarged that it couldn't push food to her stomach, leaving her thin, weak and unable to eat on her own.

"She is a part of the family, and it was hard watching her not act herself, being malnourished," Andrew tells us. "We even contemplated euthanasia because we did not want her to suffer."

Andrew and his family researched what they could do to help KC. They found out that if they kept their dog elevated, then gravity would push the food down to her stomach. After a few experiments, including putting KC in a baby walker -- "which she absolutely hated" -- they ended up constructing this "Bailey chair" which props her up.

"Nowadays, we just put her food on her tray and she jumps right in on her own," says Andrew. "We even have an egg timer so that as soon as she's done eating, she will sit in her chair like in the picture and wait 'til it goes off, then she gets out of the chair on her own."

KC has gained 7 pounds and is now a healthy 20-pound dog. Andrew says, "She's back to her normal self, protecting the backyard from rabbits and bicycles."