Daniel Radcliffe has a few tricks up his pants...

Dave Hogan/Getty ImagesDave Hogan/Getty ImagesMost likely to show off his magic wand:
Harry Potter's Daniel Radcliffe brings his London play, Equus stateside. It's 10-minute nude scene. What would Dumbledore say? [People]

Hasn't learned from other people's mistakes prize:
Jessica Simpson does sexy dances on camera for her man, Tony Romo, when they're apart. [IDLYTW]

Really gross quote of the day
Bachelorette Trista's husband sounds like a pig. "Even when you're about to breastfeed, we get turned on because we're guys and we just see boobs." [Us]

Another one bites the dust
Mary-Louise Parker calls off her engagement with Weeds costar Jeffrey Dean Morgan. [People]

Most likely to break the rules
Pete Doherty goes to jail for violating probation while Mischa Barton pleads no contest to her DUI and gets off with probation. [NY Daily]