Dark Eye Makeup Done Three Ways

Dark Eye Makeup

Three Ways to Wear It

Shiny Lids (left): Even with advanced formulas on the market, many pros still prefer the DIY mixology long employed by Debbie Harry types in backstage bathrooms. To create model Daria Werbowy's liquid-look, onyx smoky eyes, Aaron De Mey, Lancôme's artistic director, blended a black pencil with lip balm on the back of his hand "until I got the perfect intensity of noir," then he dabbed the concoction onto lids "with a very light touch."

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Spiky Lashes (center): De Mey tight-lined (makeup artist speak for a microthin application of color along the lash line) Werbowy's upper lids with black liner, then loaded them with black volumizing mascara.

Winged Liner (right): De Mey drew a graphic Sophia Loren-inspired cat eye with precise strokes of felt-tipped liquid liner. Create the shape using a gray pencil, then trace over with a slanted brush and matte black gel or liquid liner. Finish with a Q-tip dipped in eye cream serum to clean the undereye and prep for concealer.

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