David Blaine tests his talents before the big show

Andrew H. Walker/Getty ImagesAndrew H. Walker/Getty ImagesMagician David Blaine has a new epic test of endurance in the works: to beat the record for staying awake the longest-13 DAYS! Sounds… productive. He's done massive training and dieting in preparation for this stunt to take place in NYC next month-but that's not where it ends. It seems Blaine is determined performing little tricks and tests of strength anytime, anyplace to garner up an audience. Earlier this week Blaine was dining with friends doing some basic parlor tricks when pro poker champ Phil Ivey offered David $10,000 to eat a large sake glass from the table. Blaine smashed it and ate the whole thing, piece by piece. Yikes! If that's not enough, on April 30th Blaine will appear live on Oprah to attempt to break the Guinness World Record for holding his breath the longest (it's currently 16 minutes and 14 seconds). Can't say we find any of these tricks "respectable," but it doesn't mean we won't watch! [Insider Online, NY Daily]

Not pumped yet? Watch this clip of him stumping Tyra Banks with a card trick.