Don’t Drink and Sneeze

Don't drink and sneeze! Study says a cold impairs driving abilities Coughing, sore throat, sneezing, congestion, dizziness and overall fatigue-they are the classic signs of a cold or flu. These unpleasant symptoms often mean we miss out on work and social activities while we recuperate our strength.

But recent studies by experts in the UK (via Marie Claire), suggests that a bout of the cold or flu should also keep drivers at home in bed and off busy streets and highways.

According to research by Cardiff University's Common Cold Unit in Cardiff, Wales, sickness seriously affects motorists' driving abilities, making them more likely to make errors that could result in accidents.

The negative impact of virus-related impairment is nothing to sneeze at. The research study found that cold or flu reduces drivers' reaction time by 50 percent. Drivers who were sick with a virus were also found to be 33 percent more likely to hit the curb than those who were in good health.