Dave M. Benett/Getty ImagesDave M. Benett/Getty ImagesWe know we aren't completely innocent, but there's a fine line between putting a personal spin on a gossip item and writing malicious and irresponsible commentary. Perez Hilton, a blogger turned TV/radio personality, whose site reaches nearly three million people a month, has certainly established himself as a major player in the blogging world, but what's he's chosen to do with this power is questionable.

For starters, he claims to endorse many female celebs like Britney Spears, but will later call them a "slut" or "ugly," and draw obscene things on their photos. Other times he makes light of their eating disorders by writing, "feed me" across their faces. Also, you would think a former assistant at gay rights organization GLAAD would be a little more sensitive than publicly outing celebrities.

We find ourselves cringing at his mixed messages daily. Yesterday we came upon a post featuring actress Mischa Barton shopping where he wrote, "How can such a skinny girl have so much cellulite????" and warns, "Be careful Mischa, you've got the fat genes in your family. Mommy's a hefty gal, and it looks like you will be too!"

When so many young women in Hollywood are struggling with their body image, substance abuse and myriad of other personal issues, why take a completely unnecessary stab at one from behind a computer screen? It's unfortunate that so many outlets (our site included) rely on this blog for celebrity news, but we've decided to boycott Perez for the day in protest. Maybe one day he'll manage his scoops in a more thoughtful manner.

Do you think all gossip is fair game for Perez or do see something wrong with the way he treats celebrities?