You Don't Mess with the Queen when She's Wearing a Hoodie

Queen Elizabeth released her inner badass while driving around Balmoral Castle recently. ROck that hoodie, Your Majesty!
-Lucia Peters,

Prince Harry had better watch out: Queen Elizabeth means business!

In her latest picture, Her Royal Highness the Queen was spotted driving around the Royal Family's Scotland residence, Balmoral Castle, in a Range Rover after a day of grouse-shooting-wearing what looks like a hoodie. And yes, she looks super badass. You don't mess with the Queen when she's wearing a hoodie.

First jumping out of helicopters, then a meme, and now this? My goodness, Your Majesty! It's like we don't even know you anymore!

Naturally, the image quickly went viral, though opinion varies about what exactly the hood is attached to. Is it denim? Is it a sweatshirt? Is it part of her coat? In any event, it's likely that the hoods function is less to make the Queen look like a rapper and more to keep her hair dry in the Scottish summer drizzle.

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Not to burst anyone's bubble or anything, but the Hollywood Reporter notes that on closer inspection, it looks like the Queen's "hoodie" is actually a folded silk scarf with a floral pattern, bobby pinned into place-which is probably the most accurate guess as to the hood's mysterious nature. Ifyou look carefully at the left hand side of image, you can see the folded edge of the scarf over the Queen's right shoulder, and there do indeed appear to be a couple of bobby pins directly above her brows.

Regardless, we still get a kick out of the pic. Would you think about cutting this woman off in traffic? We wouldn't-she might get out of her car and start kicking our butts!

Lucia Peters is BettyConfidential's associate editor.

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