Don't Say I Told You So!

I'm sick and tired of Sarah Palin's continual rise to power. From what I've read, she fits the facts to suit her purposes. I urge everyone to read the history of Hitler's ascension to power in Nazi Germany before WWII. Sarah Palin is doing the exact same thing, by mustering the national religious conservatives, which sounds very much like the national socialists of Hitler's Germany. When Hitler gained the support of big business and the Church of Rome, there wasn't much stopping him.

This is why we have a separation of church and state in this country, to keep political leaders from assuming what they consider the Divine Right of God in their reach for power. Absolute power corrupts absolutely. Just look at all the flag waving, all the crowd admiration, amidst the bouts of bipolar rage out of Sarah's mouth. Get her on some lithium, NOW! All is sweetness and light as she goes up, but hell to pay when she falls back down. If she assumes too much power, she could jeopardize the lives of a lot of us men in the next major war.

You know why Germany's been so quiet since WWII? Because so many men got shot to pieces in the war, and left so many German women single. Do you know how many people died during the fire bombings of German cities like Dresden? This isn't even discussed in college, but I figure 20 to 50 million. Do we need another major war, fighting for Lebensraum (elbow room)? Do we need national conservative figureheads like Sarah Palin? Can we maintain a separation of church and state? I sincerely hope so.