Effortless Cocktail Party Ideas for Foodies

A candy cane martini is a fun drink for a holiday cocktail party.Hosting a holiday cocktail party is a wonderful way to celebrate the season with family and friends. Don't let stress slow you down; an effortless cocktail party that will entertain and delight your guests can be achieved! How can you pull it of? Follow these six simple steps.

1. Focus on your strengths.

Are you best with appetizers and cocktails? Or do you dazzle with desserts and wine? Stick to what you do well and what you enjoy when you're hosting a party during the holiday season. If you love to host, but need help in the kitchen, don't hesitate to enlist some support from willing guests.

2. Shine things up.

Don't worry about redecorating the house in time for your holiday cocktail party, but do spend time cleaning, focusing especially on the main floor where guests will be socializing. The Samsung Kitchen Suite is well-known for the anti-fingerprint coating on the stainless steel surface, making your kitchen appliances shine. If only your silverware and serving platters were as easy to clean!

3. Serve a variety of foods.

Though you've settled on appetizers or desserts for your holiday cocktail party, you still want to offer your foodie guests a good variety. Consider several passed hors d'oeuvres and/or desserts and some options that do well for guests to serve themselves. Spinach and feta in filo pastry works well circulated amongst your guests. Leave the vegetable samosas and raita on a table for guests to sample at their leisure. Break up your mini-cheesecakes and holiday cookies with a cheese and grape platter. The more variety you offer, the more likely you are to please all of your guests.

4. Don't forget the season.

Don't forget to warm up your guests during the cold winter months. Whether you're serving espresso after dessert, warm spiked apple cider during the party, or even a gooey, hot spinach dip instead of a cold appetizer, your guests will appreciate the added warmth!

5. Stick to several cocktail options instead of stocking the bar.

Don't worry about offering your guests a full service bar at your holiday-themed cocktail party. Instead, serve several beverages and serve them well. Serve one seasonal option, one classic cocktail, and several different wines. I suggest keeping some beer on hand for the rebel at your cocktail party -- there's always one!

6. Add some sparkle.

Whether you use holiday lights, silver balloons in the corners of the rooms, or shiny ornaments in a festive bowl, add some sparkle to your cocktail party. These simple accents negate the need to decorate for your holiday gathering, and put the focus on the food, drink, and socializing.

Content by Kelly Herdrich.