Elder Neglect

In the later part of 2010 my parents were murdered in their own home. A felon in Texas was appointed as sole care giver by a judge.
He stole most of their life savings and is free today and was never charged.
This person was so full of lies, he fooled Adult Protection and the local police department. He almost killed my daughter and got her fired from her job.
I am working to get many old Texas laws changed. Why? So this will not happen to others in the future.
I am posting their picture along with one of my Father. Adult Protection did not do their job. Compassion lost out.
My brother was evicted from their home while he was trying to protect them because of the behind the scenes felon named John.
John has caused so much misery in my family that still continues to the day.
He is free and was never charged even though he neglected them and left them alone for days at a time.
My Father who Adult Protection said was not neglected.My parents were murdered by a felon in their own home and John is still free.