Ellen Surprises Two Phenomenal Animal Rescuers with a $100,000 Grant

Ellen loves animals as much as humanly possible. She especially loves people who help save animals, like Jan Henry and Blythe Wheaton of The Pet Rescue Center. She rewarded them with a $100,000 grant from The Petco Foundation on Thursday. The two were so overwhelmed by the gesture, they were brought to tears!

At The Pet Rescue Center, Jan and Blythe spend their time going to kill shelters, rescuing the animals there, providing them with medical treatment, and finding them adoptive homes. The two women thought they were on Ellen's set to attend a taping, but Ellen surprised them with the ginormous check.

The Pet Rescue Center is a nonprofit organization supported entirely by donations. The grant can be used to benefit more animals by reducing the numbers killed, providing pet food to families who can't afford it, and doing whatever it takes to find adoptive homes.

Both Jan and Blythe own rescue dogs themselves, and are huge fans of Ellen! They share Ellen's compassion for the world and its creatures, and have helped 150 animals find homes this year. They even host an annual reunion party so that they can keep in touch with their pals.

With the economy in flux and various community conditions in disarray, Jan and Blythe have struggled to come up with the funds they need to maintain the center. Now they will be able to continuing doing good without the financial strain!

To find out more about The Pet Rescue Center, check the site ! Watch one of the adoption stories from this deserving organization here.

For more info on The Petco Foundation, go to their website!

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