Ex-Scientologist and an ex-wife get even on YouTube

We've always viewed YouTube as a great web site for uploading silly movies or yourself or reminiscing over old music videos and commercials. These days, though, celebrities are on a mission, using the site as a marketing tool for spreading announcements to a mass audience.

First came actor Jason Beghe (of CSI, Numb3rs, and Cane) who posted a video declaring his utter disenchantment with Scientology, the religion he was a member of for 13 years. "Scientology is destructive and a rip-off," says Beghe. "It's very, very dangerous for your spiritual, psychological, mental, emotional health and evolution…It ain't delivering what it's promised."

In a more personal example, former actress and playwright Tricia Walsh-Smith has taken to the
divorce-by-YouTube method against husband Philip Smith, a big Broadway producer. As divorce lawyer Bonnie Rabin says, the video with over 150,000 hits "brings the concept of humiliation to a whole new level," as she trashes their sex life and goes through wedding photos calling family members "evil" and "nasty." We have to give the angry wife credit for entertainment value-the movie is as hilarious as it is sad. Take heed, readers: we mustn't underestimate YouTube! These days it looks like a force greater than all of us. [NY Post, NY Daily]

Do you think unleashing personal vendetta on the Internet is ethical, pathetic, or just plain awesome?