What Your Favorite Celebrities Eat Behind the Scenes

PR NEWSWIRE/NewscomPR NEWSWIRE/NewscomOne of the best perks about the celebrity lifestyle has to be the ability to make outlandish food requests on demand, both on and off the set. Stars that work in film and television get this luxurious treatment in the form of craft services, the on-set catering companies that fuel the ubiquitous yet cherished cache of snacks, meals, and drinks that allows your favorite stars to pull long hours without having to leave the shooting location. Thanks to a couple of well-connected individuals, The Daily Meal is offering you an inside look at the foods that some of the biggest stars in the industry like to eat when they're on the job.

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Most people probably have an image of a table with junk food, like doughnuts, candy, tortilla chips and salsa, and greasy potato chips in their heads when they consider craft services spreads, but this is an outdated mindset. According to David Dreishpoon of David Dreishpoon's Gourmet Catering and Craft Services, "Most crews are interested in staying healthy these days," citing the fact that his most requested items are hummus and vegetables, cheese platters, and water instead of soda. And the demands put on craft services can range from humble to exceptionally extravagant, even on the same set.

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But which stars have the most ridiculous requests? Demi Moore had one crazy wish at a party catered by chef Jeff Stansfield, owner of Advantage Catering, Drew Carey's risqué cake requirements might make you blush (but we're sure the cake was delicious), and Glenn Close, likely the biggest star featured, surprisingly had the most reasonable food demands of anyone profiled! Click on to find out what celebrities are eating on set and what craft services owners are doing to cater to their megastar clients.

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Strangest Requests

A memorable event for chef Stansfield was with one of his favorite clients, Drew Carey. "Drew had a friend that was getting married and threw a party for him. He requested a life-sized cake in the shape of a naked woman, that was... ahem... anatomically correct. That guy knows how to party!"

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Trendy Vegan and Vegetarian Requests

A huge trend in craft services right now is offering healthy vegan and vegetarian options. Chef Stansfield said that his company produces a huge number of meals in this vein, and they also provide special vegan cakes that don't have dairy, eggs, refined sugar, or wheat flour. Julia Roberts and Tom Hanks are among the many clients who love chef Stansfield's vegan cakes and request them often.

Standard Requests

Growing numbers of people are adopting a vegan diet these days, but are there still plenty of stars who just want their meat and potatoes. According to Stansfield, one of those people is Arnold Schwarzenegger. "The Terminator is one of those guys that you can't even say vegan or vegetarian around," Stansfield joked. "He loves his meat, especially brisket, and to smoke his cigars." We wouldn't expect anything less from our favorite action star.

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Eco-Friendly Requests

Many stars, from Katy Perry to Lady Gaga, are also requesting more eco-friendly operations for craft services. Stansfield explained that one of the major problems with companies like his is bottled water. "You can go through more than 10,000 bottles of water during production. That is a lot of plastic in landfills." This realization prompted him to offer personalized, reusable water bottles on set for the cast and crew. "It's something that we feel really good about and so do our clients. We all want to make sure that we're treating the Earth responsibly while still offering great service" he said. "We have a lot of clients that want this, including Johnny Depp, who are willing to pay a little extra to make sure they're being environmentally conscious."

Celebrity-Chef Requests

Has chef Stansfield ever cooked with or for any celebrity chef? After all, who would be more fun or interesting to cook or cater for than someone who really knows their food? Stansfield has cooked with some of the top chefs in the business, including Anthony Bourdain, Mario Batali, and Thomas Keller. "Chefs are the most fun people in the world to cook for, because they really really love food and are always curious about what you make and how you made it," Stansfield said. "I don't remember what I made for these guys because I was literally so in awe of the fact that we were all at the same table!"

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-Rosemary Pantaleo, The Daily Meal