Fourth (?) Look: Lindsay Lohan as '80s-Era Liz Taylor is Closer to the Mark

'Liz & Dick' airs on Lifetime in November. Here's Lindsay Lohan as a surprisingly convincing '80s-era Elizabeth Taylor. THoughts, Bettys?
-Lucia Peters,

The November 3 air date of Lifetime's Elizabeth Taylor biopic, Liz & Dick, is slowly edging closer, so naturally, Lifetime has taken it upon themselves to release more stills from the movie in the hopes of convincing us that Lindsay Lohan will make at least a passable Dame Liz. And unexpectedly, this photo of LiLo as 1980s-era Liz Taylor is probably the most convincing image we've gotten of her so far. I know, I know-I'm as surprised as you are. But look, here's a comparison shot: A portrait of the real-life Elizabeth shot in the '80s:

Pretty close, no? Much more convincing than, say, LiLo-as-Liz-as-Cleopatra (although admittedly an official shot of the Cleopatra scene released along with the '80s pic looks better than that blurry behind-the-scenes shot). Maybe it's because the '80s were less kind to Liz than the previous decades; Lindsay has plenty of experience with unkind years, so maybe she's got more to draw on here.

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Of course, we still don't really know whether Lindsay's got the acting chops to pull it off, but we'll get the verdict in just two short months. Liz & Dick costars Grant Bowler as Richard Burtonand is set to air on Lifetime on November 3.

In any event, gee, wasn't fashion in the '80s hilarious? Shoulder pads! Spikey hair! What a terrific decade.

Tell us: Are you planning on watching Liz & Dick?

Lucia Peters is BettyConfidential's associate editor.

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