Get fit, stay healthy with Yahoo! Answers and Shine

Hey Shine users,

We have a challenge for you!

Shine is looking for users to get involved in the "Get fit, stay healthy" program with Yahoo! Answers. This program was created to help users stick to their New Year's fitness resolutions. Get fitness tips from top health pros and join the "Get fit, stay healthy" group to get support from other women on your journey to good health.

If you're up for the challenge, click on one of the "Get fit, stay healthy" posts below and add your comment. Remember to put "Shine user" by your name to show you're representing Shine.

We want to see LOTS of Shine users responding! This is a great chance to share fitness tips, help a fellow Yahoo! user, and introduce others to the myriad of Healthy Living articles we have on Shine.

The "Get fit, stay healthy" program is the first of many opportunities for Shine users to share their knowledge across Yahoo!. So let's get out and spread our fitness expertise!

"Let's get fit, Yahoo! Answers!"

"Get fit, stay healthy in 2010 with Yahoo! Answers and Shine!"

"Week 2: Get fit and stay healthy with Yahoo! Answers and Shine!"