Getting My Doggie Fixed

I recently got my male doggie fixed. I dropped him off yesterday ( Monday) and left him there. I felt so helpless and wrong for leaving him there with his sad big brown eyes. I felt like the worst person in the world for this. After I got off of work I stopped by to say hello to my Squish ( His name is Moe, Squish is his nickname) and he was sitting in a fence kennel looking so sad and alone. My heart broke a thousand times over and I just wanted to cry.

Today when my fiance went to pick him up from the vet, he brought Squish by my work place and all I wanted to do was hold him and kiss him. His scar looked bad to me and it looked really painful. This of course made me feel even worse for leaving him and not protecting my puppy dog.

I know getting him fixed is the right thing to do, but now I feel bad. I hope he will not change his personality at all. This would make me feel absolutely terrible.

I got him fixed for two reasons; 1 being so he would stop fighting with, Cal his son, and 2 so he would not be crazy when our poodle went into heat again. I plan on getting Cal fixed as well. He has his appointment this Wednesday to get all his shots up to date. Then its snip snip for him as well.

My only true concern is that their personalities will change after all of this is over with. I hope they will stay the same as they are right now. I guess only time will tell. Then I hope Squish doesn't get fat like his sister did when she got fixed.