Ghost's of the Past

A few weeks ago I visited my home town in Ohio(I now live in South Carolina) I just slipped into town to see some of the old places, but I knew one would be gone my old High school had been torn down due to ground water contamination from the now closed factory next door.As I walked the hill up to the now silent field where my school had stood I felt the ghost's of past students; of my dad who had attended it before me. Of those living and not. There was nothing left the crosswalk where kids used to sneak a smoke before school just ended in an empty field. I felt ghost's from the past before one time when I walked into Appomatox,VA I had the strange sensations of sorrow and of relief. I found out later I had followed the path that Robert E. Lee had taken into town to surrender. These ghost's were not frightening but were intensely emotional feelings. If you ever meet these ghost's don't fear then let them in they give you greater capacity for emotion, and emotions are good.