Ginger Spice brings victim out of coma

In England a 14-year-old Spice Girl fan Jessica Walmsley was walking alone through a park last January when an attacker stabber her 30 times in the face, neck, chest and back and ran off. The girl suffered a stroke and was hospitalized and in a coma for sic days until Geri "Ginger Spice" Halliwell swung by to pay her a visit. A family member reached out to the Spice Girls as Jessica was supposed to attend their show two days after the incident. "Geri sang a couple of lines of one of their songs and Jessica started moving her arms and legs," says Jessica's mom, Jill to UK's The Mirror. "It was amazing. We were all in fits of giggles because we were so relieved and it was just so funny seeing her legs move to Geri's singing," says Jill. "The next day, she opened her eyes for the first time." When they say "girl power" they're not kidding!