Mayor "Gloomberg": New York City Mayor Michael Bloomberg Refuses Food Donations for Hurricane Sandy Survivors

Mayor Michael BloombergWhen will the citizens of New York get the message? When will they realize that New York City Mayor Michael "Gloomberg" Bloomberg is only in it for his personal agenda? During the Sandy crisis, Mayor Bloomberg has told the world New York will not accept food donations because its contents cannot be checked for high fat and sodium content.

During a time when families have been wiped out financially, Mayor Bloomberg has stepped on their emotions, psyche, and spirits while sitting nice and comfy in his mansion, staring down from his tower looking upon the lowly New York serfs. What a shameful act. What a despicable decision to make during New Yorkers' time of need. Is there no shame to Gloomberg's game?

It goes to show that when unadulterated political power is given to an individual he can become a runaway train destroying lives along the way. After all is said and done, how will New Yorkers feel about their infallible dictator? Will they re-elect the autocrat who decides which New Yorker will eat or starve?

The holidays are fast approaching and New Yorkers may not enjoy a traditional Thanksgiving or Christmas dinner due to Gloomberg's insensitive mandates. The rest of the country and world will watch from afar. Many may decide to avoid New York because they refuse to allow "Gloomberg" to dictate to them what they will eat and drink. What a shame.