Grassroots Decentralization: the Key to Incentive

Let's face it: our Nation is dead in the water. Not that it can't be revived. All it takes is a little magic. The magic of incentive. Incentive doesn't happen through administrative promises. It happens when all the rest of us get our act together. It isn't complicated. Just contribute and share. Share food as well as food for thought. Let's help each other get out of this stinking mess!

Centralization got us into this mess the same way centralization killed the Soviet Union. It happens when authorities don't lend an ear to the will of the people. Common people using common sense know best. Not some pie full of promises in the sky. Stars are pretty, but it's time to get down to Earth.

Do what you can in the Spirit of helping one another. The rich and powerful would like to kill the idea of grassroots incentive, because it wouldn't help them further their profits. The majority of us have done some awful hard work and we've very little profit to show for it. So to hell with the rich and powerful, and let's just help each other out. That's all there is to it.