WE MISS YOU SOOOOOOOOOO MUCH!! "Prayers in full CIRCLE" may our circle NEVER be broken!!

You have given us YOUR ALL, YOUR HEART, YOUR WISDOM....Hopefully you can feel us all around you....holding you close to OUR hearts....You are so very PRECIOUS my BELOVED SISTER!!!

Entering the Party....."Ms.KITTY!!" IRISH'S Daughter ...B.D.SEPT 17th!!! Dressed in a stunning emerald Green outfit that accents her deep dark eyes and stylish hair...come....take a seat!!!
Then, we all might remember a very endearing member of Shine..."TEACHER GIRL" B.D.SEPT 19th!!, looking radiant in her carnation pink dress ,silken hair,sparkling brown eyes and an awesome smile!!
Last but not least,Our BEAUTIFULLY GRACIOUS"IRISH" Glamorous in her electric blue sequined dress,shimmering silver hair and twinkling blue eyes!! COME on everyone....join the fun!!

ENJOY!! There's plenty for all!!
Care for some refreshment??
"IRISH'S Birthday cake"

"TINA'S Birthday cake"

"KITTY'S cake, of course
I Hope everyone is having fun!! :)))))

KITTY....Being the youngest of 6 kids , your life was not easy....though that never held you down.The many challenges in your life ..built a very strong character, with dignity....never retreating, when confronted by boulders in your pathway....you just squared your shoulders with unflapable determination, and delt with it ....head on!!
When your MOM became so ill, 5months ago....which of the 6 kids stepped up ?? YOU DID....ALONE.
When your Mom was only one week away from coming home....who was her cheerleader,as SHE WALKED UP andDown those stairs proudly in rehab....you!! You were there then,and are now as your MOM bravely fights her recent health challenges and panic attacks...always there to hold her in comforting arms and a reassuring voice...." MOM...WE'RE GOING TO DO THIS TOGETHER!!"
YES, KITTY ....you are truely an amazingly beautiful woman....inside and out!! From all of us....words cannot express our gratitude ...that you have been the only one your MOM can depend on....to stay by her side in unwavering FAITH,hand in hand...waiting for GOD'S miracle to bring your MOM back Home!! WE LOVE YOU!!!

Can i go wif you????
always...hand in hand♥

"TEACHER GIRL"...I am so glad we've become friends!! You have such a warm caring heart for others.....Especially your "KIDS" As it is rarely do our greatly underpaid teachers recieve the recognition the so richly deserve, for the fantastic job they do, inspiring our youth to be the best they can be!! Many times i believe you go above and beyond the norm....to reach the children in your care!! Because of the genuinely caring heart you have, you will make a lasting differance for a lifetime!! You are a Dear Sweet gal....who has touched the hearts of many!! GOD BLESS YOU, my DEAR FRIEND!!! YOU ARE LOVED!!

Don't want to hear about no tests!!!
"IRISH" ....MY PRECIOUS SISTER....where do i begin!! Your presense in my life, has been profound!! Our bond grew in leaps and bounds ....starting out on Shine,then e-mails,phone cals....i treasure....then we met...THAT DID IT!! Couldn't shake me if you wanted to now!!! We have had some Great times.....memories i shall treasure forever !! You have the greatest sence of humor... a treasury of wisdom.....and a genuine loving heart, that won't quit!!
These past 5months have been a long hard journey....and you have shown tremendous courage,great strength,undeniable faith....through it all!! Your Deep love for all the ones you love...has kept you fighting with all your energy for life itself!! You are truely a huge inspiration to us all!!
Never once...have you been forgotten!! YOU are always with us in all we do.....every post...you are there!! It just isn't the same without OUR IRISH!!! You bring a Special joy,wisdom,positive energy and LOVE unending!!
I'm humbled to be called your SISTER ....HONEY, i LOVE YOU WITH ALL MY HEART!! REMEMBER.....WE've got a date.....we've got alot of catching up to do!! GODS healing will be magnificent!! DEAREST ONE....HOLDING ON TO YOU HAND!! YOU are as close as my heart!!

Thank you "IRISH" "TEACHER GIRL" and DEAR "KITTY" for adding your own colors to the rainbows in our lives!! WE LOVE YOU DEARLY! ♥♥♥ HOPE YOUR BIRTHDAYS ARE FULL OF MEMORIES TO CHERISH!!