Healthy Living is for all Humans.

Healthy Living is for all humans.My good health is not because of my heritage for my Mother was sickly most all of her life. My personal great health is because through the years I have listened to many wise and good persons who were mostly in my own family.
Fist of all, I was taught not to drink alcohol or smoke. I was taught to get my rest at night, wake up and eat a good breakfast after drinking good water. So when I get up I wash my hands and mouth, say my prayers mostly thanking My Creator I was given another day on this Earth. Then I drink water or juice and eat a good breakfast. This is truly the most important meal of the day.
Exercise of the right type for my body is important. There are only three basic body types. I have a degree in this sort of thing. Small, medium and large. We each can inherit things going back about five generations from our Mother or Fathers sides.This refers only to our body. Take your wrist and take your opposite hand and grab around your opposite wrist.If you have a small bone structure, You can tell this way and also take into account your height. I have a small to medium bone structure and my weight is from muscle because I exercise. I walk, swim and even dance around the room.I chew gum and when I am too hungry I know this is my pancreas spitting out insulin.Hunger pains are not too bad. Being too full from over eatting is worse for me. I once weighted over 200 pounds. I could not even see my feet and I was ashamed and could not breathe well.
Many persons have inherited the endodorph type of body and it is large.They need not ever be ashamed.You can tell yourself if you are this type. Streroids cause extreme weight gain.Diet is very important for our body is what we eat, how much sleep and exercise we get and also our brain or thinker.
Here in America, we get confused because there are many cultures each with their own food types, shoes and such.What is good for your culture may not be good for me.
I grew up reading books by Adele Davis. She said sunshine, good air and food an dreat are the main healers.Doctors are not able to heal anyone. They can use medicines to help speed healing. If they make a human error, it can kill an innocent person.It happens all the time.Medical mistakes kill more persons than any other cause.Pharmacists knwo more than doctors about medications.Medications are fo rwhen you are sick or haver a chronic condition such as diabetes. With this terrible disease, your blood becomes thick when your sugar count is too high and gets sticky.Thsi can cause poor circulation and heart problems and strokes. many medicines on th emarket even cause this.
Remember, you are responsible for your health, not any doctor. If yoy are a parent, until your child is an adult, you are responsible for them. Some parents even make their children more ill.
When a person is ill, they are not themselves.