How do I write for Shine?

"How do I write for Shine" is probably the most frequently asked question we see on our suggestion boards. The answer is anybody can write for Shine. Shine is a place for conversation and we want you to be a part of it.

If you're at all intimidated about writing a blog for the first time, remember that even experienced bloggers started where you are and probably felt the same way. Everyone on Shine is here to share, so consider blogging about a personal story, some useful tips that made your life easier, or ask for feedback from the Shine community on something that's been on your mind.

Whatever the case, we've made it easy to blog. Just click on the Blog link under your name and then click the "Write a New Post" link. You'll see that our post creation page is super user-friendly and if you still need some blogging help, just click here.

We've also posted Community Guidelines to keep Shine a fun and safe place, so please make yourself acquainted with them too. :)

Have fun blogging! You'll be surprised at how addictive blogging (and reading comments on your blog posts) can be. Let me know if you have any questions!