How do you get ready for summer?

Now that Memorial Day has come and gone, now it's time to really get ready for summer. We all know that summer has its share of stress-inducing moments, as well, like staying in shape to look great in a swimsuit, juggling your kids' camp schedules, and managing that actual vacation planning.

But, personally, I like to focus on the good times that come with summer - eating alfresco, long vacations, and healthy, glowing skin! I want to take full advantage of those long, lazy days so I'm planning ahead. I found a new sun hat (on sale, of course), prepped some picnic-ready entrees in the freezer, and emptied my digital camera to make room for all my Vancouver vacation shots!

Are you looking forward to the warmer months? Or are you juggling too much to relax just yet? Post a comment and tell us the best way you're getting ready for summer!