How to stay grounded

It feels sometimes like the world is cold and things are un fair
however don't forget the beautiful things, people, reasons and experiences to smile
most of all true love you can find within yourself"

I have always had trust issues and maybe it's mostly my part however some people
that crossed my life didn't help my commitment phobia with their lies and mind games

I have gone through it all with dating, i have heard the most creative stories that
it makes me wonder when i really do meet someone that is keeping it real will i know?

I found myself going into self destructive mode not wanting to deal with the emotions
and i noticed that it was only giving satisfaction to the ones that screwed me over
the best way to get through life's disappointments is to learn from them and improve you!

I myself felt lost so i went to a known psychic that i had went to before the weird thing is that
I hadn't mentioned anything yet as to what i wanted to know and he looked at me and says" I see a woman standing in the way of your happiness"

This was a woman i trusted and knew for years
that pulled a good one on me with lies and secrets, while acting to be a friend
I left the psychic with much clarity and direction

Most of all you like i have to remember that it's in our choices who we let in our lives
and if we know from the start that a person is a bad apple and has already shown actions
than what are you waiting for cut them out of your circle

and just like darkness exist within others so does the light at the end of the tunnel

what's amazing is that it makes one that determined to meet those great people
that bring out the best in one another

the things that have helped me get out of this slump would be: Clarity, fitness, nutrition, surrounding myself by up beat individuals, positive thinking, faith,
keeping my mind busy with reading inspiring articles, listening to music, meditating, also
making a check off list with short goals
anything that will make you feel good will also bring in good

A big one always remember who you are" and stay grounded the right people will notice!