Hurricane Irene Clean Up

Many oof my blog readers were greatly effected in some degree or another from strong winds and heavy flooding in coastal areas. It is easy to see the after math of this large storm no matter which state you live in on the coastal waterfront. It does come as a surprise to many people how quickly Irene came and how much destruction it left behind in it's path after it moved on from state to state. If you were closer to the water front you got the worst bruntt of the storm as it packed winds around one hundred miles a hour which downed trees and power lines. This left many thousands of people without power to run homes and businesses that would ordinary be able to function with no problem going aboout their daily agenda. If you look at the devastation in some areas of certian states it is appalling how much this hurricane has done to even buildings and homes. While it is not the largest and most severe hurricane ever recorded in America it still surprisingly did a mass amount of destruction depending on which state you live in and how old the structure is that you have on your property. Some states in America faired much better than others because they are not coastal areas that allways feel the brunt of bad weather perticular the weather that comes from the gulf of mexico. If you are fortunate to live in one of the states that is more rural than say South Carolina you probabily did quite well and were not effected by Irene winds and severe rains. Having said that most people are still running on geenerator power and the grid power to thousands of people is still largely not functioning as of today. This is causing alot of problems for businesses and home owners who have no choice but to read by candle light and or running by generator to get power to continue a normal life. I think it is amazing how many thousands of people came together with this storm and helped each other as well as cleaning up the mess left behind in most states only has taken one to two days to accomplish. This is really great to see people of all walks of life band together to clean up the mess after Irene and help other people they don't even know to regroup on a larger scale.