I Have Big Boobs and am Not a @#$% Much

You know what's funny? You see a lot of misogyny in the gossip blogs. Okay, that's not funny. It's something that pisses me off. Ha ha! I'm trying to laugh about it. Take this header for example. Nicole Richie isn't a brain trust, but at no point does she refer to her postnatal breasts as "@#$%y." She does say that wearing some of her pre-maternity gauzy shirts with said mommy boobs would look too @#$%y, but big boobs = @#$%y? Didn't say it. But Owen Williams of Showbiz Spy thinks that there's really not a difference there.

I don't know, I've always considered "@#$%y" as an adjective that described an action. Like, "Making out with some girl at a bar when you're married is so @#$%y." Although I can understand the idea that maybe it's a comparison, like referring to your awesome new "hooker heels." For instance, I wouldn't think that Britain's Katie Price is a @#$% just because she's always scantily clad (and has big boobs), but the tabs like to call her one. I do, however, love the fact that she picked six girls to help her model her lingerie and almost all of them look like normal girls you'd see every day on the street. And in fact, at least two of them are plus size and those who aren't have actual tummies. Er, topic? Katie's a mom.

Weirdly, the same blog that loves to call pregnant women "fat" is taking exception to Nicole's lament and is quick to agree with me that big boobs are what they are. I'm sure that he'll be calling pregnant women "fat cows" any minute now.

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