Inspiring Tennis Player Jeremy Mitchell Chasing a Dream with Upcoming Indie Film "The Tour"

The TourThe Tour

With just days to go on Kickstarter, "The Tour" an aspiring indie feature film, by Jeremy Mitchell, captures the journey of young tennis players as they navigate the circuit of minor league tennis. Produced by Mitchell and Brad Benedict, "The Tour" as stated by Mitchell is about "everyday people," minor league tennis players with "no control over their destiny, who show up every day, giving it their all and giving up their need to be big and successful," all for the love of the game. The film explores the highs and lows, drama, emotion and financial burden undergone by young tennis players.

Working as a commercial actor to fund his tennis career, Mitchell met Benedict on the set of an NCAA commercial, in which they bonded over their shared experiences as minor league tennis players gone actors, in order to support their tennis dreams. Both Mitchell and Benedict felt their story and the story of other aspiring tennis players needed to hear, leading the duo to create the film.

Eye Spy was able to have a one on one with producer, Mitchell, for an in depth look into the films 7-year journey into production.

How did your personal experience with tennis turn into a film career?

Jeremy- In a nutshell, tennis was my dream since I was three years old. At three years old I wanted the world! When I wanted to play professionally I couldn't afford it. The funds would run out, I looked for outside the box tactics to make money. An actor friend of mine suggested I do commercials, I booked first commercial I audition for. After I thought, "Wow, I'm an actor!" And because I'm an athlete I go full throttle into everything I do, I approached acting with the same vigor as I did with tennis, studying every element of acting. This sprung me into writing and producing."

Why has "The Tour" been in pre-production for 7 years?

Jeremy- I wanted control over the vision. As a musician you can write your own material perfect for you. Hey, I can write what's perfect for me and what I believe in. I always had my eye on a tennis film but needed experience and time to discover what the {films} message needed to be. Last Spring it hit me, the film needed to be about everyday people, which the indie lens captures perfectly.

What makes "The Tour" unique in comparison to other tennis films?

Jeremy- No tennis film so far, has captured the essence of the game. Tennis is so cinematic. When you watch the game on TV you only see the players face, every pore. You don't see how the sport gets to the core of individuality."

As the fate of most indie films, "The Tour" needs your help to make the journey of young tennis players available to the wide audience it deserves. Visit , for more information.