Is it that our constitution not holds the power of the Prime Minister to veto the proceedings of cabinet meetings with differences between the ministers.

As the opposition and the governance is engaged in the fight as to who is responsible for the scam and G2 scandal etc,it is regretted that the governance is defending the G2 scandal as it is not in any way against the miss use of the money and losses incurred because it was done for the public for giving them the facility for making contacts. and thus it is not the case of criminal culpability as they were not there to make money but they were there to ensure maximum coverage affordable through telephony- (matter little if lac crore rupees) thrown to the supplier giving the loss to the country. It looks funny that the ministers could not think that there were other matters more important than then giving telephony to half starved and with no proper hospitals to Indians (middle class and the poor workmen and cultivators some of them even dying for such facilities. If the two ministers had different open ion how the Prime Minister could not veto them if there is the provision for veto the meeting that might have cost millions of rupees to some body instead of doing for the goo downs for grains and hospitals and other measures for the benefit of the nation We hope the guilty must be tackled so that the corruption at higher levels may be mowed down. and the nations develop confidence that we will be able to control corruption at the top level and have a warning to lower level that may not escape if do some thing wrong