Is Mr. right even out there or is it Mr. right now?

After many disappointments in the dating scene I ask does Mr. Right even exist or is their only Mr. Right now?
I remember the 2 worst things that my parents ever told me
1. That a man will promise the stars and the moon in the beginning then show his true colors

2. That no man would want to be with me because I am a single mother with 4 kids

After my 8 year relationship went no where I made a promise to not ever make excuses for anyone and to have boundaries
the dating scene is pretty scary I met several liars, manipulators, wannabees
I still keep hope that I will come across someone someday that understands me and values me for who i am and not for who they would want me to be"
I really wished that instead of being fed these romantic chick flicks, Hollywood really made a movie on just how scary, lonely,disappointing it is to date
we as women either get told stories of how we imagine it would be but in reality they are either after one thing or playing the field
and heaven forbid that us women did the same we would get called names