Jesus Christ is Truth in America and This World

No one can help where they are born. Most religions teach basic morals and family values.

360 times a King of this Earth was predicted in the Bible. What you believe does matter. Inside of you.

There is a soul in each human. This is who you are. When a person lives on Earth he or she can become attached to material possessions. So when you die, it is hard to leave your body.

There is one G-d. He said tell them My Name is I Am. Translated, this means I was, I am and I will be.

G-d is called Father and The Father.
A little over 2000, years ago, The Maker or Creator of this Universe, had one Son. He came to Earth, because G-d looked at mankind and was ashamed of all the wrongs.

We call this sin. Humans have evolved over millions of years. This is for survival.

We call this evolution.
Humans have many laws. G-d does too. He loves us. He gives us all good things on Earth so we can live.

We are only here a short time. We have our ancestors. Some religions worship them. This is wrong. They are dead and gone into eternity.
No human knows the future even if they say they do. This is for a reason. Usually to get your money.

Animals are many kinds, but basically wild and tame. They are for mankind to take care of.

There is only so much land on this Earth and then there are the Seas. Rivers and Lakes too.

When we destroy things or go against G-d, it is wrong.

When we do not take care of our family, it is wrong.

We were all given ten laws by G-d to follow. They are each for our good and to prevent bad.

We have free will choices. G-d is no respector of persons. This means a poor man or woman is the same as a rick person with money.
To say your G-d is the only one is wrong. To say, His only Name is Allah is wrong. To teach hate of other humans is wrong.

The Christian Bible has two parts. The old and New. The first five books were given to Moses and all the people.

The New testament supports the old.

Have no other G-d's before Me because He is a jealous G-d visiting the sins on the third and fourth generation of them who Hate Me and Showing love to a thousand generations of them who love Me.

Do not make graven images to worship and bow down to because they are called an idol and they cannot help you.
Life is not easy. Free will is given to each human. We can choose good or evil to do.

Jesus said No one comes to the Father but by Me. Jesus came to destroy the works of Lucifer, a fallen powerful angel. We call him Satan, the deceiver, the accuser of the brethren.
It is appointed once for a human to die and then the judgement. There is no such thing as reincarnation.

Sorry to all my friends who think they will get another chance to come back as a cow.
We die. We go before G-d and His angels.

Jesus said, If you deny Me on Earth, I will deny you before the Father and His angels.

When Jesus died, he came back to life. He did all the miracles to prove who he was. He was without sin. He never did any wrong.

Another one of G-d's laws is to honor your Father and your Mother. This law will give you the promised 70 years you have on Earth. It is a lie that only the good die young.

Do not murder. Each human is made in the image of G-d. To murder makes that person's blood cry out to G-d for Vengence. Vengence is Mine said G-d. I will repay.

Wars and abortion are mass murder. They are caused by greed and prejudice. I am sorry to have to tell you this, but the first of mankind had black skin and came from around Africa whether you like this or not.
Some humans went North where the Sun does not brown the skin. Colder Climates make for lighter skin, usually.

The child inside the Mother does not belong to her or the Father. The breath of life is given as each of us is born.

Stealing is wrong. Why? Because G-d says if you steal, He will make you poor. And you will have to repay five to seven times what you took in one way or another.

G-d says a man and a woman will marry to have a family and children. Adultery invites diseases to the man, woman and children so not controlling your private parts is playing with fire.
Fire is good if in a fire place. This is marriage. It bonds two humans together to show love to each other.

To say I am not a sinner is a lie. Guess who the Father of lies is? Yes, it is old Satan.

When we see one who kills, steals and destroys, we know where this comes from. Either your free will or the Devil.

Do not lie against your neighbor. Your neighbor are the people who live to your front, back, and either side and above or beneath you. Talking bad about any other human is wrong. Why?

And yes, we all have done it. It is wrong because if you say good things about a person in front of their enemy, it makes that person hate them more. If you say bad about the same person in front of an enemy, it makes them agree and feel justifies to go on hating that person.

Another reason it is wrong is because as a mortal no one can look on another person's heart.
Humans use their eyes and ears and touch. G-d know all is is everywhere.
Have you gotten on your knees and thanked Him today?

When I worry about my child, it does not help my child. When I get alone with G-d on my knees and ask for well being, wisdom and truth, this is a good thing.
Have you prayed for your child today?

Jesus the Messiah sent the Holy Spirit to this Earth. The Holy Ghost is real. He keeps back the forces of evil as do the good angels.

Angels are messengers of G-d. Mankind is a little lower than the angels. Most are invisable. This means you cannot see them. If you do see one, people have reported they glow and are so beautiful, they are in awe.

Children see and hear all around them. Protect them. They have no life experience.
Please do not bring children into this world you cannot feed and give shelter to.

Animals compete with humans for food and many are our food. So they can feel pain and even dogs understand one word commands.

All humans need good water, shelter, food and clothing to live.

Our bodies are made for physical work. Our spirits are made to worship G-d.

There is a Heaven and a Hell. It does not matter if you believe me or not.

Heaven has streets of gold, we know each other by name there. There is no pain or sorrow there.
There is music, good food, beauty and better music than you have ever heard there.

Hell is a place with unquenchable fire of brimestone that never goes out. It is a place or pain and eternal torment. G-d says He does not want to send anyone there. It is our choice.

If a person never hears about G-d and His only Son, Jesus the Messiah, then only by G-d's grace can you get into Heaven

If you hear of Jesus and deny who He is and was, your soul is in a dangerous place.

Humans are here to take care of G-d's Creation. If you doubt He exists, just look at pictures of the Universe and study Nature. Worship the Creator, not the Creation.

G-d's laws may be found in Exodus 20. Read John 3 and 4 too. Read then to another who cannot see or read.

G-d is good and kind. He allows evil when it is not stopped or comes from ignorance.Rock Garden