Job Search

I could not resist the temptation to sit here and write about the hardships of getting a pqaying job these days. It seems that everyone who wants to work is singing the same blues about the lack of good paying jobs and how badly they or someone they know is being hurt by it. I know because even though I am employed in many business ventures and a paart time job on top of it the cost of living just eats up all my income. It is very hard for people I know to get employment out there in America because nobody is hiring and that is really causing a lot of pain in everyone I meet and my close friends too with one exception because they are filthy rich. The cost of everything is more expensive than what was even a decade ago and yet the lack of jobs and enough income to sustain ones family and yourself is not their anymore. More people have found themselves displaced by the current economic woes than at most any time in history of the last hunderd years. The fact that when you look for a paying job now that you almost allways have to apply online instaed of a paper application has just made it much worse for everyone. If you are supposed to apply online chances are very strong that you will neever hear from the employer you want to work for since you and ten million other people have applied for the same job. You really have to get luvcky now to get noticed and get that first interview for the job you have applied for and really need to pay your bills. It is the truth that some parts of America are better than others and if you are willing to go there you will get lucky and get a good paying job. These economic booming areas are mostly in the southern states and that is where most people are heading these days because of economics. If you want to live you got to go where the money is and some parts of this country are just awefull like New England states and in the mid western states where the economic unemployment rate averages 13 percent. This rate of people who find it hard to find employment is also the reason why more people are losing everything and forced to live in a homeless shelter or on the street with no place to go. Every week I meet more people who say they wish they could raise the standard of living of the bottom but they can not find any means in employment to accomplish that in their life. It is really sad that theses very same people who used to have a home and a great life now have virtually nothing or nothing at all to claim as property and possessions that they own. Looking at the way job applicants are forced into a pool of available labor is really unfair to the ones who have a talent or trade that is useable but still find because of eceonomics they are not able to work steady and get out of the whole that they are unfortunately find themselves stuck in not enough to provide for themselves and thier families. The amount of people who are unskilled labor is appauling and those re the people who are first to feel the squeeze of a bad economy. Let us face the facts that if you are one of the lucky few who has a home and has a good paying job or independent wealth you are in a small majority compared to the rest of Americans who have part time jobs or no job and no home at all because they can not afford one. The older past generations never thought or sweated about having a paying job or a home and food etc. because they allready had all that and could eaily keep it for teirentire lifetime. Well things have changed alot since then and from the baby boom generations on down things are much more difficult to even get all what our past generations had and took for granted Now a days the nomal is for most people to have little of any assests and possessions because they have not enough money or no money at all in ther pockets. This is really the sad but true way lots of Americans are now forced to live because of how the economics in America have effected every corner of society. We all in America are suffering except for the lucky few who have allways had the finances to weather any economic upheaval. So in cloing we are all feeling the pinch in our wallets and lives and if wwe keep going at our current rate of decline most of us will be homeless and living off goverment welfare the rest of our lives which is a sad but true statement for way too many people presently in America.