Jolie-Pitt and Hard Decisions

So here's a conundrum... If you were a major celebrity powerhouse, what price would you put on your children's privacy? And if that price resulted in a huge contribution to a charity - say - for $11 million dollars - does that make it OK? Such were the choices facing the Jolie-Pitt duo about photos of their new offspring Knox Leon and Vivienne Marcheline. Obviously it didn't keep them awake for too long having decided to sell to an unnamed American publication the much-touted baby snaps for a cool $11 million. I like to think I'd just not go there. But for charity? Is it worth it? Is that a reasonable trade-off? I guess they assume the press will get photos of the wee ones soon enough, why not make some moolah out of it and do some good? What say you? Join the conversation at

By Sal Taylor-Kydd