June 9th, 2012. So, Here's What You've Missed

I haven't been on this site for a long time. I really haven't even thought about it. I've had a lot going on and I really haven't had the time of the patience to actually sit down and right about things that I probably needed advice on. You don't really need to sit here and read alllll the things that have happened to me since I was last on here, so I'll just tell you basics; I dated a guy that made me so happy, but it turns out he was just using me for sex. I thenstarted redating the guy that I've always ended up dumping right before summer, just because around this time I can't handle all his crazy mood swings and bossiness. This time it got a lot worse. He wanted sex all the time, that's basically all that was on his mind and it bothered me. I wasn't enjoying it, or him anymore. So I'm done and never dating him ever again. I made a new friend, my best friend really. He's really great to me and he makes me happy. I guess there kind of was something that happened between us but we both decided that it wouldn't happen again. You know those Twilight books? I think of him as my Jacob. I love him very much and he makes me happy, but I wouldn't date him or kiss him, or anything. I'm about to graduate, so I'm very glad about that. I really can't wait to get out of this retched school. I know that I wont be getting on here often, so if some of you hvae the need to see what I DO do, then you can view the following sites:


So if you want to then check them out.