Kanye’s childlike requests: Connect Four and Rice Krispy Treats are a must!

After reporting on Kimora Lee Simmons' personal champagne filler, Kanye West's contract rider seems a lot more low-key. In fact, his must-have items remind us of something Tom Hanks in Big might request. TMZ got a copy of the rider for his "Glow in the Dark" tour (read for yourself here), which demands Kanye's favorite board game, Connect Four. It says Kanye usually has his own, but "sometimes its nice to have an extra." Beyonce has been known to challenge him, and win! Other requests include Rice Krispy Treats, tapioca pudding and an "entertainment center" including XBOX 360 and/or Playstation 3 with a copy of Guitar Hero III. High-speed Internet access is also a necessity (perhaps for updating his blog?) If Kanye ever has kids he'll be in heaven! [Rolling Stone]