Katy Perry Looks Nothing like Herself on the Cover of 'L'Officiel'

Well. This is certainly a new look for Katy Perry on the cover of 'L'Officiel,' isn't it?
-Lucia Peters, BettyConfidential.com

We're used to Katy Perry's constantly changing hair colors by now, but this is something else. The singer is currently gracing the cover of French magazine L'Officiel's September issue-and is it just us, or does she look nothing at all like herself?

It's not just the ginger hair; it's the whole look. Granted, we're also used to see Katy with a full face of makeup (except, y'know, for that time her then-husband Russell Brand Tweeted a pic of her right when she woke up for all the world to see), so one might argue that she rarely looks like herself-but here, she doesn't even look like that makeup'd image of her she usually cultivates. She looks more like, say, Florence Welch.

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This isn't the first time Katy has looked like a totally different person on the cover of a magazine; back in March, she got her Amy Winehouse on for Interview magazine:


Tell us: What do you think? Do you love this look on Katy? Do you hate it? Do you not care? Inquiring minds want to know!

Lucia Peters is BettyConfidential's associate editor.

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