Who is Keith Dartman? by Author Michael An'gileo

Michael An'GileoMichael An'GileoABOUT MICHAEL AN'GILEO

Michael An'gileo is the author of The Bluelite Message. Next in line is the 2nd book in the Bluelite series, The Bluelite Message 2: The Light Never Dies, available in 2013. He is also the Founder of Planet Bluelite, a growing organization.

He introduced the Bluelite Meditation Exercise and The Magic Dance to the world through his characters, Keith Dartman and the Women of Planet Bluelite, in The Bluelite Message.

Born in Kenmore, New York, Michael An'gileo grew up and attended schools in
Los Angeles and is a known innovator in the movement arts, a visionary and
inspirational author.

To find out more, please visit http://www.planetbluelite.com.com

The Bluelite MessageThe Bluelite MessageKeith Dartma

The Bluelite Message comes every 10,000 years. There exists a light so powerful, so all-loving, that it created the Heavens and it lives in you. It's the 2nd Millennium AD, the year of prophetic doomsday for some, but for others, the witnesses of the stunning Bluelite, the beginning of an unfolding Paradise. Keith Dartman and the Women of Planet Bluelite are modern-day messengers who confront the almighty Universe to deliver the sparkling Bluelite Message. This 222-page book of miracles concludes with a 22-word message of light crisscrossing the globe, by text, tweet, and word of mouth.


When this unusual book and its global message first appeared this fall, the world began to ask, "Who is Keith Dartman?" The book is The Bluelite Message and its message is about a mystical force that transcends the normal barriers (gender, politics, etc.) making the idea of love, well, the norm of the day. With his tender face and sparkling blue-lit eyes, Keith reigns as hero of a magical tale, overcoming daunting obstacles to deliver the sparkling Bluelite Message to our world. The author, Michael An'gileo, emphasizes Keith begins with a "broken heart," not the norm for macho male heroes. "Keith is a new kind of hero, a Universal archetype who comes from a special place... his experience is universally healing, unlike any book character before him." Keith's intense stare is growing in popularity across social media and the blogosphere daily. "Keith's powerful love of humanity made him the natural spokesperson for The Bluelite Message." When asked of he minds taking second place to Keith, a fictional book character, An'gileo replies... "Not a bit. I'm actually Keith's biggest fan. I truly love sharing him with the world." The launch page connecting Keith Dartman and the progress of The Bluelite Message is http://www.planetbluelite.com/.